misterious tangled maximus mattel doll
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I've found this maximus on mattel site but didn't have a name, year or mattel item number.

The best clue i have is that it's next to rapunzel pose and style doll.

http://mat.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMAT1-12032479enh-z6.jpg            maximus

http://mat.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMAT1-12032478_alternate2_enh-z6.jpg        tangled doll

Hope you can help me.


Queen Narissa OOAK Doll
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So what are your thoughts about queen narissa? Does she deserves to be seen as a disney villain or just a merge between evil queen and maleficent?

And why they didn't made a doll? At least a doll with the Susan Sarandon face.

I think Prince Edward and Nancy Tremaine would also have a couple doll.

So here are the narissa doll ooak dolls:



And here photos from the original dress from the movie:


Book and Comic Book Trade
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Hi all! I have disney comic books wich i would like to trade for books or other comics you might have.

This are the comics i have: Beauty and the beast; little mermaid; aladdin; sabastian around the world; disney comic hits; pocahontas; hunchback of notre dame among others (gargoyles complete; zorro imcomplete)

Here's the link for the cover and first page of my comics (preview):


So, heres the deal, at least one book have to be trade for the other person to recieve the wanted comics.

The books can be trade by e-mail or simple link here on livejournal.

Here's the list i want, but if you have other books of course i'll trade.

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New Merida Baby Cliparts plus, two more from Ariel !!!
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I just found this lovely cliparts and tought to share them with you, enjoy!  XD

Disney Dolls Help
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Hello to all. I wanted to know if any of this dresses are form disney princess dolls, if not which dolls their from. And if someone has Pocahontas Talking Pond, similar to this lion king I've posted.

Princess and the frog mystery video
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I think this image is from a video, but i can't find it. Please help !!!

New Mulan Look !!!
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Mulan new look...  love the dress.




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